AP100T-S Monocrystalline silicon diaphragm pressure sensing


  • High accuracy
  • High stability
  • Intelligent static pressure compensation
  • Intelligent temperature compensation
  • Universal measurement of positive and negative pressure
  • Excellent overload performance

The AP100T-S single crystal silicon diaphragm pressure sensor adopts a high stability chip imported from Germany, which has characteristics such as high accuracy and stability. It is equipped with temperature sensitive components, which can greatly improve the temperature performance of the single crystal silicon diaphragm pressure sensor. The fully welded structure of 316L stainless steel has excellent overload performance, and is suitable for various harsh environments between -40 and 120 ℃.
AP100T-S single crystal silicon diaphragm pressure sensors are widely used in various measurement fields such as pressure instrument manufacturing, heating and energy conservation, industrial fluid self-control, aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, and medical equipment.