BP100 single crystal silicon threaded flat film pressure sensor


  • High accuracy
  • High stability
  • Intelligent static pressure compensation
  • Intelligent temperature compensation
  • Universal measurement of positive and negative pressure
  • Excellent overload performance


The OEM product of BP100 single crystal silicon threaded flat film pressure sensor adopts a one-time silicon oil filling technology. The diaphragm directly contacts the measuring medium, and the felt pressure is transmitted to the pressure chip through silicon oil to generate an electrical signal. The compensation circuit corrects the pressure signal to a linear pressure signal. The exposed pressure diaphragm on the threaded end face can directly feel pressure, which can prevent scaling, hygiene, and viscous pressure blockage. It is particularly suitable for measuring the pressure and liquid level of viscous fluids with hygiene requirements in the medical and food industries, and is widely used in hygiene industries such as food, medicine, and brewing. The company can customize products for users, undertake products with special structures and sizes, and have a mature batch production line that can complete production tasks in a timely and high-quality manner.

Specification parameters:

Power supply constant voltage
Working temperature -40~85 ℃
Storage temperature -50~125 ℃
Output voltage 60-140mV
Zero temperature drift ± 0.05% FS/℃
Temperature hysteresis ± 0.1% FS (sensor range ≥ 10kPa)
± 0.5% FS (sensor range<10kPa)
Pressure hysteresis ± 0.05% FS
Long term drift Nonlinear ± 0.05% FS/year
± 0.5% FS (sensor range ≥ 10kPa); ± 1.5% FS (sensor range<10kPa)


Structural performance indicators:

Diaphragm material:316L
Shell material:316L
Filling liquid:M20

Basic parameter indicators:

Project Condition Min Typical Max Unit Tips
Nonlinear -0.3 ±0.25 0.3 %FS
Hysteresis -0.05 ±0.03 0.05 %FS
Repeatability -0.05 ±0.03 0.05 %FS
Zero point output -2 ±1 2 mV
Full scale output 10kPa


Other ranges



90 150 mV 1.5mA power supply
Zero temperature drift 10kPa


Other ranges







Sensitivity temperature drift -1.5 ±0.75 1.5 %FS
Thermal hysteresis -0.075 ±0.05 0.075 %FS
Long term stability -0.3 ±0.2 0.3 %FS/年


Electrical connection:

Black line – negative temperature;
Green line – positive temperature;
White line – output negative;
Yellow line – output positive;
Blue line – negative power supply;
Red line – positive power supply.

Range code Pressure type Range Overload pressure burst pressure
20k G 0~20kPa 300%FS 600%FS
35k G 0~35kPa 300%FS 600%FS
70k G 0~70kPa 300%FS 600%FS
100k G、A 0~100kPa 200%FS 600%FS
160k G、A 0~160kPa 200%FS 500%FS
250k G、A 0~250kPa 200%FS 500%FS
400k G 0~400kPa 200%FS 500%FS
600k G 0~600kPa 200%FS 500%FS
1M G 0~1MPa 200%FS 500%FS
1.6M G、S 0~1。6MPa 200%FS 500%FS
2.5M G、S 0~2.5MPa 200%FS 500%FS
4M S 0~4MPa 200%FS 500%FS
6M S 0~6MPa 200%FS 400%FS
10M S 0~10MPa 200%FS 400%FS