BP300 flange flat film monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor


  • High precision
  • High stability
  • Intelligent static pressure compensation
  • Intelligent temperature compensation
  • General measurement of positive and negative pressure
  • Excellent overload performance
  • Imported monocrystalline silicon chips from Germany
  • 316L stainless steel fully welded structure
  • Adapt to mainstream threaded shells on the market

The BP300 flange flat film single crystal silicon pressure sensor adopts a high stability chip imported from Germany, which has characteristics such as high accuracy and stability. It is equipped with temperature sensitive components, which can greatly improve the temperature performance of the single crystal silicon diaphragm pressure sensor. The fully welded structure of 316L stainless steel has excellent overload performance, and is suitable for various harsh environments between -40 and 120 ℃.
BP300 flange flat film monocrystalline silicon pressure sensors are widely used in various measurement fields such as pressure instrument manufacturing, heating and energy conservation, industrial fluid self-control, aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, and medical equipment.

Specification parameters:

Power supply:constant voltage
Working temperature:-40~85 ℃
Storage temperature:-50~125 ℃
Output voltage:60-140mV
Zero temperature drift: ± 0.05% FS/℃
Temperature hysteresis: ± 0.1% FS (sensor range ≥ 10kPa) ± 0.5% FS (sensor range<10kPa)
Pressure hysteresis:± 0.05% FS
Long term drift Nonlinear: ± 0.05% FS/year ± 0.5% FS (sensor range ≥ 10kPa); ± 1.5% FS (sensor range<10kPa)

Range selection:

Range code   minimum range   pressure mode                                            Range         overload pressure
6kPa                600Pa                   gauge pressure                                           0-6kPa        20kPa
40kPa             4kPa                      gauge pressure                                           0-40kPa      160kPa
100kPa          10kPa                    gauge pressure, absolute pressure          0-100kPa   400kPa
250kPa          25kPa                    gauge pressure, absolute pressure          0-250kla     1.6MPa
1MPa             100KPa                 gauge pressure, absolute pressure          0-1MPa       6MPa
3MPa             300KPa                 gauge pressure, absolute pressure          0-3MPa       12MPa
10MPa          1MPa                     absolute pressure 0-10MPa 20MPa
20MPa          2MPa                     absolute pressure 0-20MPa 40MPa
40MPa          4MPa                     absolute pressure 0-40MPa 60MPa

Electrical connection:

Black line – negative temperature;
Green line – positive temperature;
White line – output negative;
Yellow line – output positive;
Blue line – negative power supply;
Red line – power positive